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We all want excellent, ethical results in skin and beauty treatments that work.  It is my proven philosophy that efficiency lies not in hundreds of thousands of costly machines and lasers but in applying the knowledge that I have gained from my studies of natural ingredients to attain beauty. Unique effectiveness lies in simplicity!
Therefore I invest in chemical-free skin care procedures and my line of 100% natural beauty products which I created with great love and honesty. 


No added chemicals, or harsh irritants for the skin. 

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This Multi Purpose Treatment Cream works wonders in helping to minimize acne on the skin. Additionally the cream may be used for relief on the skin affected by eczema, psoriasis, rashes due to allergies, sunburns, bug bites, as well as other skin conditions.


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The newest product from Ruta Naturals, has quickly become the most popular and fastest selling! Many of our clients see results as little as 2 times of use! This spray prevents hair loss, split ends, helps increase and maintain its natural shine, and helps with rapid hair growth.

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Ruta Naturals.

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Ruta Ze

Hello! I’m Ruta Ze, a nature enthusiast and esthetician with over 23 years experience in skincare. I’ve poured my heart and extensive knowledge into creating my all natural, cruelty-free line of skincare products: Ruta Naturals.

Through my years in working hands-on with beauty and skincare clients (both women and men) I have learned the importance of natural solutions for different skin types without the need for harsh chemicals. My goal is to provide unisex products that will lead each costumer to have optimal healthy skin. Along with providing these products I believe men should also have fresh and healthy skin, and my goal is to destigmatize beauty care for our male community.

Working years hands-on with beauty and skincare clients emphasized to me the need for each person to have custom product solutions to change their individual skin problems to result in optimal healthy skin. But my clients didn’t just want healthy skin, they wanted natural, ethical and cruelty-free skincare. They were very conscious of the ingredients in the products that were being used and desired natural creams and serums that won’t introduce harmful chemicals into their bodies or harm animals in testing.


Aligning perfectly with my core values, the loving creation of Ruta Naturals skincare was the direct result of this need. Fast forward to present day, and the perfecting of my all natural beauty and skin solutions, I am able to blend my highly effective, organic skincare products with the use of the best cosmetic technology for stellar results.

As always, taking into account each client’s skin composition such as sensitivity, skin type, aging, and specific problem areas.My goal is always to use the best combination of all natural cosmetics products store in Chicago and procedures that will bring out your most beautiful, natural you.

My Philosophy

About Ruta ZE


As a local business owner, I am able to tend to the natural skincare needs and treatments of Chicago area clients from the Ruta Naturals Skin, Body, & Hair Care Center around my Northshore Chicago location. These treatments aren't just exclusive for women. Men deserve the best facial care too!  No need to feel left out if you aren’t in the Chicagoland area -- the Ruta Naturals beauty and skincare line is available to order online!


My products promote the circulation of blood throughout the body and face. Each use should potentially make you feel a warm, or tingling sensation. Don't panic if you encounter these sensations. It's normal! 







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