We create all-natural skin and hair care products with fresh ingredients; sulfur, ferulic acid, natural extracts, essential oils, and tinctures.

Removes of dead skin cells, makes your skin look vibrant, youthful

Coffee Exfoliating Body Scrub

SKU: 0004

    Coffee extract, Ground coffee, Natural fragrances, Ginger, Citrus, Natural stimulants, Pumice stone, Triethanolamine, Sodium carbomer, Preservatives.


    Apply a generous amount to the designated area and massage into skin with circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes and face. Potential redness and slight heat of the skin may occur due to blood circulation.

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As a local business owner, I am able to tend to the natural skincare needs and treatments of Chicago area clients from the Ruta Naturals Skin, Body, & Hair Care Center around my Northshore Chicago location. These treatments aren't just exclusive for women. Men deserve the best facial care too!  No need to feel left out if you aren’t in the Chicagoland area -- the Ruta Naturals beauty and skincare line is available to order online!

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