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We use only our all-natural skin and hair care products with organic components, copper peptides, sulfur, ferulic acid, natural extracts, essential oils, and tinctures.

Nature-Based Full Facial Procedures:

Opening and cleaning pores is the first and most important step to preparing the face and skin. I typically use a microdermabrasion machine because chemical peels are not a viable safe solution for most people.  Our beloved nature has graced  us with so many wonderful, more effective plants that there is little need for harsh chemical peels. I use a better natural approach using peels with natural plant-based ingredients of extracts and oils, scents, minerals, vitamins and acids to successfully produce organic creams, masks and serums.

During each facial I create an individual mask (targeting problems such as aging, acne-prone skin, etc) with an aloe vera jelly base and use an ultrasonic spatula.  This application method has a deeply therapeutic effect that allows the skin to fully absorb the benefits of the procedure for a gorgeous lasting glow!


  • Ruta Ze Anti-Aging Facial (1.5 hours) - $85

  • Ruta Ze Acne-Prone Skin Facial (1.5 hours) - $85

  • Express Facial (45 minutes) - $55

  • Skin Revival Exfoliation & Mask (30 minutes) - $45

  • Eyebrow Waxing & Shaping - $15 + Coloring - $20

Body Treatments Paired with Organic Products Include:

Full-Body Dermabrasion + Stimulating Detoxifier Spray - $90

Microdermabrasion, Skin tightening, Stimulation and Cellulite Removal.

This process includes creams based on aloe vera gel and the use of a micro-current device which effectively stimulates the skin. The very best combination of nature and gentle skincare technology.Typically, 10 sessions will give you the best results.

Detox with  Lymphodrenage-Pressotherapy - (1.5 hours total) - $75

For optimal skin health and appearance I also highly recommend  the use of the combined Lymphodrenage-pressotherapy and detox-foot bath treatment course. This lymph drainage detox treatment makes you feel amazingly healthy and purifies the body of harmful contaminants and helps with weight loss.  Natural vitamin supplements are also recommended along with this procedure to replace bad toxins with good nutrients the body needs to maintain health and naturally vibrant restored skin.

Effective Hair Growth Therapy

1 full course= 17+ sessions) - $100

(Procedure takes 30 minutes weekly and takes 6 months

to achieve maximum benefits.)

For the best results in hair growth or to stop thinning hair Light Laser Therapy is recommended.  During this treatment photons are targeted into your scalp or skin for weak cells to absorb and become healthy again. Once hair follicles are sufficiently healthy, hair regrowth will be able to begin and/or hair loss can stop.

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As a local business owner, I am able to tend to the natural skincare needs and treatments of Chicago area clients from the Ruta Naturals Skin, Body, & Hair Care Center around my Northshore Chicago location. These treatments aren't just exclusive for women. Men deserve the best facial care too!  No need to feel left out if you aren’t in the Chicagoland area -- the Ruta Naturals beauty and skincare line is available to order online!

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